The tasks for mediation as well as project management require the awareness for your own behavior as well as the development of possibilities for self-management and self-reflection. Therefore, the master-course provides special key skills and abilities to take over cross-functional management tasks in business contexts and to manage and perform mediatory projects. The focus is on competences in internationalization, training of strategic thinking, procurement of essential methods and techniques, sensitization for the business environment and adequate skills in solving problems.

Social intelligence

Expansion of behavioral competence: reflecting, exploring, learning from social communicative competence, action/reaction patterns in different leadership situations in practice as well as sharpening the ability of orientation and flexibility. Team, group and organizational competences as well as identification of relevant interfaces and patterns of social systems.

Stages of mediation

A social system which has to be mediated, never behaves completely static and predictable, but rather open, dynamic and trial-like. To capture this process somehow, the distinction of certain stages of mediation is helpful, since these stages may require different possibilities and tasks to the parties concerned. The model of stages with its five stages of mediation is an analytical scale (not a strict pattern) and serves as a grid or guide for mediators. For mediators, the detailed knowledge of the possible stages of mediation and their consequences is essential.

Standards of quality

From the very beginning, the master-course will ensure a high standard of quality, which can be guaranteed on the one hand by the contents that are always up-to-date and scientific-based, and on the other hand by the high professional and didactic quality of the trainers. As speakers are only used trainers, managers, experts and successful entrepreneurs with experience in practice and training for several years. The course is held in the form of seminars, training, case studies and simulations as well as moderated discussion groups. The participants must pass written tests and also write and present a master thesis.


Essential for the effective success of business mediation is the mediating integration or joining of opposing parties. The mediators, who are under strongest obligation to confidentiality by law, quasi act as creative catalysts. They control the solution process between the parties in which the so far opposing parties cooperate actively and self-determined.



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