Obligation to confidentiality

The mediator is obliged to confidentiality about all facts that he gets to know during the mediation or in any other way. He has to handle all documents that are created or submitted during the mediation, with confidence. The same applies to the mediator’s assistants as well as to people who work in a practical training with a mediator under his/her guidance (§ 18 Mediation Law 2003). This means that, depending on the legal form of this duty, mediators especially will not become a witness in court. Thus, mediation is basically a non-public method to protect the privacy of mediands.


The updating of legal standards for business mediation according to the latest (inter)national regulations minimizes future conflicts or optimizes a more efficient handling of these conflicts. Therefore, mediation clauses in all contracts, general business conditions, employment contracts and shareholder agreements are used inter alia.



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