Target groups

The target groups of business mediation are: companies of all sizes, public institutions, management teams or also constellations of two or three business partners.
The master course also aims at advisory profession from economic, legal, psycho-social and scientific issues, as well as entrepreneurs and managers with relevant basic education in mediation or project management.

Team competence and standing

Forming teams of experts, taking over of leadership roles in teams of experts advicing and supporting of companies, entrepreneurs and managers in mediation processes or in project-related mediations. Defining and dealing with counterparts in complex processes. Increase of the acting competence and the personal "standings" in complex multiple situations of decision and action.


Training is the best investment, it multiplies by itself. Knowledge and competences are continuously growing values, that for you and your dears mean income, as well as success and happiness in your life. Therefore, our aim is to strengthen your natural-intuitively existing potential in management and advisory in all professional contexts or disciplines in a playful way, in order to increase your personal success in an essential and sustainable way. In a pleasant atmosphere, we design for you efficient excitement learning and practical advisory. Sun, sea and charming places almost like on holiday stimulate a particularly effective and pleasurable learning sensation. In a pleasant holiday atmosphere, learning is much easier.

Trans-contextual flexibility

Mediators in business and organizational contexts often take similar functions as managers or are managers according to mediatory principles. This results in an increased demand for skills in social integration in different social parts (e.g. customers, suppliers, management-level employees, cooperation partners etc.), which in turn requires a high degree of social and communicative skills and relationship skills. These competences are especially supported in an exploratory way by the required connectivity towards a defined social seminar group in the master course.



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