Business mediation

You benefit from getting economically advantageous solutions for your company. Acute exceptional circumstances will be resolved by speed mediation immediately. In the long term, preventive mediation stabilizes your business success with a professionally managed top-down-process.

Business private partnership

Our innovative seminar design on the pulse of time is trendsetting. Entirely oriented to the needs and demands of our clients, we developed seminars with structural constellations specifically for private and professional partnerships. In each case, two BP-partners are in succession in the focus and reflect their particular question using specific dimensions.

These useful and pleasurable seminars, especially made for partnerships of 2 persons, treat the evaluation and mutual interaction of the own actions in cooperation with the partner, with the perfected methods of systemic structural constellation. Aim is the development and optimization of specific professional or business goals and projects. By using current requests of the participants and with situational inclusion of resources, options, obstacles or conflicts etc., possible efficient alternatives of action are defined, efficiently reflected and optimized. Contexts: company foundations, project management, reorganization, restructuring, handover/takeover, termination/separation, product range, questions of location, optimization of success etc.



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