Advisory means „trusted strategic consulting of decisionmakers“ in a top-down process. Based on the latin language this word is composed by „visio“ (I see) and „ad“ (to add) which means something like: to add another view. In business mediation contexts primarily conflict resolving is in the focus.

Applied business mediation

You benefit from getting economically advantageous solutions for your company. Acute exceptional circumstances will be resolved by speed mediation immediately. In the long term, preventive mediation stabilizes your business success with a professionally managed top-down-process.

Art and competences

What method, technique or intervention is chosen in individual cases: the most used "instrument", the most important factor in a mediation process is always the mediator himself, and fact from the very beginning. All the contradictions and conflict lines are running through them as resonating bodies, they have to be lightning rods, catalysts and moreover as "charismatic" as possible.

To deal with all this, to run all the related emotional reactions, to notice them and to be able to develop a well-founded intervention , may be the "true" art of this profession, which especially in the first beginnings of a mediatory order works in a constructive or destructive way. So we find ourselves back in the reality of practice. Because "ineffective" mediators will also receive no orders and won’t be able to make initial settings; trained social skills are therefore the key to success.


The following principles - in the sense of a mission that ideally has to be aspired, but in fact has never been reached - concerning the "attitude" of mediators, have to be communicated to the client and form the basis of mediatory work:

  • Neutrality and impartiality
  • Autonomy
  • Responsibility for proceedings
  • Confidentiality
  • Orientation to the future
  • Immediacy



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