Education goals

Participants in the Master-course are prepared in theory and practical-oriented for careers in the field of mediation, especially in the business sector in the context of project management. Mediators permanently move in unknown, uncertain and complex configurations and need to act there professionally. Thus, a theoretical base, methodical skills, the knowledge of goals or tasks of the mediation system as well as a high level of social flexibility and competence are necessary, both in consulting and in management. Professional skills (business, law, management) as well as social and personal competence are in the center of the Master-course. These skills and competences are integratively taught and developed participant-oriented.

EU Directive

"The Mediation Act is a milestone on the path to a new culture of debate in Germany. With the help of mediators, parties may resolve their conflicts on the basis of voluntariness and mutual agreement. This will avoid that disputes are decide to the bitter end - often with losers. The parties save also time-consuming and costly litigation. Mediation thus also benefiting the state courts, which can focus on the non-consensus solvable litigation. ... the new law on mediation is a new culture and it will certainly take some time until the changeover happened. However, with the present law we pursue the right course."

News release no. 2, 1st June 2012:
Bonn. 1. German mediation-conference on 16 June 2012 in the former chamber of the German Bundestag. Statement in advance by the Bundestag, Prof. Dr. Patrick Sensburg, as a member of the legal Committee involved in the implementation of the EU Directive on the promotion of mediation.

European Parliament

At the beginning of the third century, the worldwide developing definition of mediation is becoming integrated  into the European legal systems by the European Parliament. Under the label "ADR" (Alternative Dispute Resolution) of Article 6 ECHR (right to a fair trial), Recommendation No. R (98) 1 of the Council of Europe from 21st January 1998, 98/257/EG from 30th March 1998 and 2001/310/EG from 4th April 2001, directive instructions and recommendations on mediation can be found. On 19th April 2002, the Commission presented a "Green Paper" on alternative proceedings in civil and commercial matters.

Excellent in business

The procurement of current practical- and business-oriented knowledge in the respective overall context and interactions. The transfer of internal company issues and tasks to get an exemplary performance by the successful integration of various operative and strategic elements, and thus to set apart from competitors.



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