Business mediation leads your company to permanent profitable solutions


Our aim is to accelerate critical situations in a top-down process: for example delikate restructuring, company handover, management of corporate crisis, disaster and emergency management, critical projects. The general impact is in an overall increase of your companies performance through reduction of fluctuation, customer satisfaction and optimisation of partnerships .Cost efficiency is assured through permanent cost reduction and optimized (re)activity.

Our mode of operation

Business mediation interchanges mostly destructive power to clear and creative modus operandi with the help of modern methods and direct communication between the participants. Mediators, who work with a very strong obligation of confidentality, act as creative promotors. They control the independent solution process. The aim is to find a solution instead of a bonding, which means to clear intricate and deadlocked situations and constellations. This follows a step by step realization with first the clearing of misunderstandings. Second the target topics should be constituted with a clear guideline. Third the way to future oriented interests should be pictured and finally we create fair options of solution. Use our promoted model – speedmediation – for a primal appointment!

Guarantee for perfection

Our basic aim in business mediation lays in measureable perfection and quality, demonstrated in careful analysis and realistic planning, in efficiency and direct practical realisation, in comprehensible implementation with transparent reporting, documentation and evaluation. Furthermore this includes the training of management competences for solution-oriented communication according to up to date knowledge. This connects a very high demand in quality with a guarantee for success. The investment in business mediation has a a very short period of amortisation and the overall benefit generally exceeds the input easily.

Finding the optimum basic conditions

Our actualisation of legal standards in business mediation (state oft he art in international standards) gives you a a minimisation of possible conflicts (inside the organisation, to customers, suppliers, institutions, a.s.o.) and optimizes an efficient solution. For a higher efficiency mediation clauses are included in all treaties, standard business conditions, contracts of labor and partners, legal protections a.s.o. On the long run your Falk Bussiness Mediation expenses pays off in multiple ways.

FALK Group Business Mediation is your partner on the way to a business excellent company!



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If you add the avoidable costs of such conflicts and the lost benefit of reasonable solutions, you will get more than 100 million euro damage a year.


He contributed to consensual solutions in disputed airport constructions as well in better conclusions of neighborhood disputes, company transfers or the proceeding concerning nine German who were killed 2005 in their cabin by a helicopter load.

Mediation is necessary in all places where two or more business partners get into a conflict that begins to get a legal character.

This is a very important sign of the provincial government which in this way discusses on the same level with affected persons, advocates and opponents and expresses its seriousness in finding a solution. After all, it is the provincial government to make the decision.


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