Beside the initial appointment (see “initial appointment” below), the fee agreement is possible in three different ways, at the request of the clients (see our terms and conditions):

a) Fixed fee per day or hour irrespective of the subject/content or the occurrence of success. The basis fee per day/hour for physical meetings in 2012 is € 2.500/350 (plus VAT), for travel times € 120 (plus VAT) per hour.

b) Especially agreed fee per day or hour, which depends on the value or the special size of the subject/content/effort (Law of Advocates' Fees). This irrespective of the occurrence of success.

c) Success-oriented fee. Therefore, the desired outcome is determined together and it is checked if neutrality and role of the mediator can be maintained in accordance with § 1 ZivMediatG (Civil Mediation Law). Then the height of the success-oriented fee is set by mutual agreement. As reimbursement for availability and administration, an administration fee of 25% of the fixed fee (see above) plus necessary expenses and disbursements (charges etc.) has to be reimbursed by the client.



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We provide unique experience in business and speed mediation from a broad range of international projects. Use our specific competence and arrange your personal appointment – right now!

Partially costs may be borne by the chamber of commerce or/and by your insurance company (legal protection). We offer specific consulting, because our aim is to provide the right solution for your company through our business excellent performance.


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