Optimization of the stakeholder structure and form of a traditional and successful family manufacturing company, just on the transfer to the third generation, with about 90 employees and about 50 million euro in annual sales. There was great danger of breaking through legal proceedings against each other and almost a year of incapacity to act in the management. This could be prevented and an amicable solution could be developed.

Mediation volume (reduction of damage plus optimization of organization) about € 20 millions.



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Our unique practical experiences may also contribute to the success of your company or institution. Please contact us for further information or make use of a "speed mediation", which is funded in business contexts.


Overall, a mediatory orientation results in a significant improved image for your business in the public. Worldwide, business mediation represents modern spirit and cleverness. The elaborated principles for mediation results are integrated with pleasure in approaches, missions or vision of the company and show as indicators a clear orientation, that gives security and pays. Even in ongoing proceedings, business mediation achieves considerable success and enormous cost savings with a proven rate of dispute settlement of more than 70%.


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