Important for the success of the business mediation is the mediating integration or joining of disputants. Mediators under strongest legal obligation to confidentiality act as creative "catalyzers". They navigate the solution process between the parties by making the former disputants act actively and self-determined.  You control the solution process between the parties to cooperate in the previously opposing parties actively and self-determined. Step-by-step, misunderstandings will be cleared, working topics will be fixed, a time-table will be worked out, constructive interests for the future will be developed and after all, fair options for solutions will be created and agreed. Constructive interests, not positions or negations are negotiated.



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Overall, a mediatory orientation results in a significant improved image for your business in the public. Worldwide, business mediation represents modern spirit and cleverness. The elaborated principles for mediation results are integrated with pleasure in approaches, missions or vision of the company and show as indicators a clear orientation, that gives security and pays.

Even in ongoing proceedings, business mediation achieves considerable success and enormous cost savings with a proven rate of dispute settlement of more than 70%.


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